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Americans move homes at least once in their lifetime, while some choose to move across country for better job opportunities, other's choose to stay in their home town because of family, friends and fond memories. Wether you move from Atlanta to Sacramento or simply round the block, you are going to be faced with the challenging decision of how to move your stuff. Traditional moving companies combine packing, loading and driving into one full service package. Truck rental allows the home mover to pack, load and drive themselves, thus saving in salaries and other costs. You can move by UPS also, if you only have a few items. Even your car works great for moving a few boxes or two, but when you need to move the refrigerator and beds, something bigger will have to do. The real innovation in moving is portable moving and shipping containers from companies like UNITS Portable Storage, PODS, Pack Rat Storage, Mobile Mini and others.

Portable Storage Containers for Moving

Portable storage container units are perfect for moving across town or across the country. No driving of big awkward smelly rental trucks. Ground level loading saving walking up and down a steep ramp. Work at your own pace. These are just some of the time and cost savings benefits of renting a portable storage container. Portable containers come in a variety of sizes, the most common being 12 and 16 feet long by about 8 feet square. The containers are made from a variety of materials, from cheap plywood that lets moisture in, to state of the art aluminum and steel truck body materials used by the best trucking companies in America. It pays to research to find the best in portable storage companies. Prices are competitive, but service and quality are all over the map.

Portable Moving — The New Way to Move

I love these portable moving containers ! Since I move homes every 5 years I am very experienced with all forms of moving services available in the USA. As a child we moved always with Bekins Moving. As a college student I moved using my car as I had so little stuff. As a working man, i used to move using UHaul or Ryder Rental Trucks and tow my van behind the rental truck. But now I use portable moving units as it's so much easier and the price is good too ! I suppose if I was rich I might use a company like Bekins again but i'm not so I will keep using Portable Moving solutions. And so far UNITS Portable Storage has got my business.

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